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Illuminating Knowledge

The luminous flux is signaled as Lm. It usually measures what the amount of lighting source emits per second. It is signaled by lux, measuring how much the light reflects on the surface of the item. Lux or lm/㎡ is used to express the illumination. Below 3300K, the color looks rather red; but beyond 5300K, the color seems rather blue. The illuminating sources with the color temperature of higher than 4000K are widely adopted in tropical area, while the color temperature below 4000K in low-temperature area is common. The general color rendering index (Ra) measures the ability to show what the thing is reflected in terms of brightness. The standard is set as 100 and its values are all beneath the level 100. More Ra means more natural color people can view.

It measures the lighting source’s ability to transform electricity to the visible light. Alternately, it measures what the lighting source performs when consuming per watt. The higher η is, the more optical efficiency is. Optical efficiency is expressed by Lm/W. If a group of light is all simultaneously lighted up, how long 50% of lamps cannot functions well. H is used to measure the parameter. The lumen will decrease as lamps work. The longer it works, the less the luminance is. Lumen maintenance in a certain time is the value that amounts to the percentage of the Lumen with the original lumen for 100 hours at fixed time.

It measures how the light glares human being’s eyes, due to the disproportional distribution of light or abruptly changing light. Glare is grouped into glare and reflected glare. What makes worse, it even causes you to be blind. This effecting could have bad effect on the quality of work, lowering the working efficiency of those workers. However, Electronic Fluorescent Lamps do not produce flash effect thus with so-called name of “Green Lighting Engineering” product.